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Sophisticated Design for Environmentally Conscious Couple in El Salvador

Cincopatasalgato, an architecture, furniture and interior design agency in El Salvador believe in turning things around, sometimes breaking with tradition but most of all trying to reflect the personality of their clients in their projects. Casa Piscucha certainly conveys their vision. Built for an environmentally conscious couple, this house is like no other in this hilltop El Salvador neighborhood. The criteria of the future owners were modern and sophisticated design, vacation home feeling and environmentally friendly architecture. The sophistication of the design is visible at first sight: different volumes and shapes combine, as well as different materials. Concrete goes hand in hand with wood and metal, and precious materials as used in combination with reclaimed, poorer ones. Big glass surfaces give various degrees of transparency and of depth to the volumes, and bring in a lot of natural light and heat. The multiple glass facets of the house also reflect sunlight like a gemstone or some kind of unidentified flying object. The roof, with its sharp angles and translucency only comes to confirm this concept. The vacation feeling is brought in by the creation of multiple terraces and relaxation spots. The house was basically built around such a spot, as the volumes surround a central patio designed as an entertainment area. The main rooms are oriented towards the mountains and the ocean, as an invitation to contemplation through the big floor to ceiling windows. The electricity used to light up the house and make it look like a spaceship ready to take off is produced by the solar panels that were installed for this purpose.

A variety of materials have been used in building this house: stone, metal, wood, concrete and glass.
The outside spots are as many and as big as the inside surfaces- a clear reference to the owners’ lifestyle.
The main outdoor area to which lead many doors, windows and stairs.
sophisticated-and-futuristic-looking-house-in-el-salvador-2 (2).jpg
The infinity lap pool completes the outdoor landscape of the house.
Inside the floor is in concrete and the use of furniture is quite minimal. There is a preference for essential pieces and little decoration.
The bedroom follows the same lines. The bed is very basic and the headboard is made of two industrial looking shelves. A green and brown cowhide and a framed picture that leans against a glass wall are the only decoration.
At night, when the lights are on, the house seems from out of space. Rays of light emanate from it like from what we imagine an UFO to be…
A great example of superposition of volumes and textures.


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