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Slope roof house with futuristic interiors

House H designed by Austrian architecture firm Smartvoll Architekten ZT KG is quite the balancing act -literally! Located in the Alpine city of Salzburg, this unusual home makes a modern statement in an area renowned for its baroque architecture and breathtaking landscapes. Designing both the building and all interior elements, the architects took and hands-on approach to this project. The result is an urban house that engages its surroundings – mountains, valleys, green space and city. Set within this wonderful, lush locale, the house is an ultra modern addition with its expansive glazed facades, unusual sloping roof and walls, and futuristic, minimalist interiors bring these views front and center. Check it out.

The home’s angled roofline echoes the mountainous landscape, but with a clearly contemporary edge. The glass facade lets in the light and the views, which are also enjoyed first-hand from the balcony running from end to end. A deck at ground level features sliding glass doors, blurring the boundary between indoors and out.
The underbelly of the balcony is finished in natural wood, bringing a natural element to this ultra modern architecture. A deep overhang provides shade and shelter to this alfresco area.
An exterior staircase ascends along the side of the house to the top of the slope, where the upper level also enjoys direct access to the outdoors.
This picturesque setting makes its way inside through the expansive glass – an irregular shaped wall which follows the home’s signature roofline.
The warm wood floors bring a rustic element to these futuristic interiors, where angled walls and built-in elements echo the lines of the landscape.
A set of stairs project upward, becoming into storage hidden behind white cabinet doors. Up the steps, a raised living area faces the rest of this open concept home in a fluid transition from space to space, but is separate and pronounced thanks to the difference in height.
Glossy built-ins are like functional art, finished in a clean white palette yet bringing function in the form of hidden storage. A sofa wraps this space, offering the perfect spot to sit back, relax and enjoy the view.
Even something as simple as a hallway taken on an interesting persona, thanks to the unexpected angles found throughout.
The kitchen is probably one of the coolest rooms. This combination prep space and dining area transforms effortlessly, thanks to a mobile wall which conceals the usual culinary equipment – cabinets, sink, stove, electrical outlets, et cetera.
This cool folding wall pulls across to camouflage the typical unsightly kitchen chaos.
A set of stairs leads downstairs, which are still brightly illuminates thanks to the great use of glass in the home.
Floor plans:
Site plan:
Smartvoll Architekten ZT KG
via Arch Daily


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