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Soliscolomer Architecture Sure Knows How to Use Colors to Create Dramatic Interiors

Soliscolomer Architecture certainly does know how to use color. And there’s no denying the dramatic interior of Casa Chinkara in Guatemala. What a perfect place to find an abundance of brightly colored textiles and tiles. The tiles on that kitchen floor are incredible, aren’t they? And notice how nicely they have drawn out the red with the red metal chairs and the framing on the windows. We love those red window frames – and they are used throughout the house for even flow from one room to the next. The tiles extend all the way to the stairs, where the balustrade is cleverly done in the blue of the pattern to continue the flow. And that multi-colored wing chair in the living room is just gorgeous. It’s bold – like the colors in the entire house. It’s a happy-color house. And that makes us happy, too.
soliscolomer architecture-1-sure-knows-how-to-use-colors-to-create-dramatic-interiors.jpg

soliscolomer architecture-2-uses-colors-wisely.jpg
soliscolomer architecture-3-knows-how-to-use-colors.jpg
soliscolomer architecture-4-rocks-colors-in-the-house.jpg
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