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Solid Walnut Dining Table – absolutely gorgeous with purple heart wood

The stunning, unusual beauty of this solid walnut dining table by Eric Manigian comes as a real visual treat. Unexpectedly vivid, the purple heart wood is eye-catching and will set the stage for your dining room or kitchen. From the Bandwidth series of tables, the aim of this design is to fully exploit the look of the natural wood. Note that the tables work around integral, individual features of the wood pieces, including knots and other irregularities to enhance the table’s appeal. The edges of the table are not sharply cut off, instead they use the bark of the tree to provide a gentle, rustic edge. Purple heart wood comes in a range of shades from subtle to striking and will be a welcome addition to any modern home. This Bandwidth series table from Eric Manigian will add color to the heart of your home.
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Bandwidth 010 table
Bandwidth 008 table


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