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Solid Stone Bathtub from I Conci – Gagne

iconci bathtub gagne 1 Solid Stone Bathtub from I Conci – Gagne
The Gagne solid stone bathtub from I Conci combines both geometrical linearity and sinuous, flowing curves together. The outside of the tub is sharply rectangular, finished in glowing solar yellow. Inside the tub is another matter – the organic shape the company describes as ‘wiggly, wrapping’ is perfect for getting comfortable! A work of art for your daily enjoyment, the Gagne 100% solid stone bathtub is a freestanding piece carved by hand. Stone is a wonderful material for bathtubs – hard-wearing and attractive, stone has an added benefit: heat retention. Unlike cold iron or plastic, the stone will absorb the heat of the water so you can enjoy extra-long baths. A unique solid stone bathtub, the Gagne is from I Conci.
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There is also a matching stone sink.
iconci sink gagne Solid Stone Bathtub from I Conci – Gagne




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