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Snake Skin & Crocodile Skin bathroom decor from Ceramica Cielo – all new Jungle bathroom fixtures collection

A fabulous new collection in fashionable leather finishes, the Jungle bathroom fixtures by Ceramica Cielo brings wild natural beauty home. With an exotic elegance, the Jungle fixtures wraps modern forms in richly textured finishes. Available in three distinct patterns, the jungle style bathroom decor makes a bold and defining statement. The Monty fixtures feature an alluring snake skin that ripples with warm luxurious browns. The snake skin bathroom decor unites the room with a single rich pattern. The Dundee uses strong browns and greens to accent the pronounced crocodile skin finish. Finally the Deep-Dundee coats the crocodile skin texture in a glossy white finish, for a wonderful sculptural effect. The gorgeous crocodile skin bathroom fixtures embrace depth and beauty of classic luxury textures for a modern dramatic style. A trendy contemporary design, the Jungle bathroom collection brings exotic wild textures to modern Ceramica Cielo fixtures.



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