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Balustrade Chaise by Muggleton – smooth, subtle curves and design simplicity

Andrew Muggleton Balustrade chaise
All American designed and manufactured, the lovely Balustrade Chaise echoes the smooth curves of the natural world. Andrew Muggleton, working in Mystic, Connecticut, notices that the naturally rounded lines of the wild environment put people at ease. So, he works to recreates that sense of tranquility through painstaking construction methods. He bends and shapes exotic woods with shaped moulds and a vacuum press that delivers 4 ton of weight… a complicated process to achieve wonderful simplicity. The Balustrade Chaise features a curved wenge base. On top of this rest brushed aluminum curved rails with mahogany supports. Finally, there is an attractive cylindrical head-rest upholstered in ultra-suede. Comfort and stunning design meet in the brushed aluminum curved rails by Andrew Muggleton.


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