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Small Studio Apartment Design with lots of Cool Ideas

For your daily dose of cool ideas, check out this small studio apartment design. It belongs to Swedish interior designer Jimmy Schonning. There are just so many great ideas and features in this studio, it seems that each time we look through the photos we discover something else. So let’s start with the color scheme first. Dominated by black, white and green, it’s a stylish and comfortable color palette. Amazing concrete stairs provide access to the open second level. The oversized pendant lamps above the couch and in the kitchen create great focal points and help to define the areas of this open plan well. In the kitchen, most of the appliances are built in for a streamlined look and stylish drama awaits you in the black bathroom. In the bedroom, an enlarged photo is used in place of wallpaper and provides striking and personalized touch. Overall, the apartment has an industrial flair and remains modern and cozy. But what makes this small studio stylish without compromising function are the ingenious storage solutions. Notice that concrete ledge where the television sits and how it runs along the length of the space. This allows for usable space above and below it. Or how about the platform bed? By creating a nook for the bed, storage again becomes available above or below. Built in floor to ceiling closets provide ample space and were constructed to allow for rolling bins underneath. This apartment may be small, but it has some big design ideas.
Photo credit: Per Magnus Persson
via Dwell



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