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Modern Apartment Design Rendered in 3D for Client Visualization

Dimitry Sorochan of Modom received a brief from his client’s in St. Petersburg, Russia to design Apartment Q3 as an open concept home with a large kitchen that has as much prep space as possible as well as a large pantry. The apartment needed to have a dining room that could accommodate seating for 10 a bedroom with a large and spacious wardrobe and a washroom with headroom in both the bath and shower zones. Dimitry rose to the challenge and created a modern apartment that would allow the young clients the space to entertain family and friends for both large meals and poker games.

Dimitry chose to revolve the many functions of the home around a single nucleus using materials that projected a feeling of warmth such as pale woods, white walls and pops of saturated colours within the accessories. After the design was complete Dimitry brought Designconnected into the picture (pun intended) to bring the drawings to life via 3D renderings so that his client’s could get a feel for how the various zones would ebb and flow with each other.
Designconnected is an online company that produces amazing 3D models of furnishings, lighting and accessories. Each piece they render is created in proportion, shape, detail and texture of the actual product, allowing for a true feel for each element and therefore each design, whether it is a singular product or a complete home.
Through the 3D rendering we are able to see how the flow of the apartment works, starting with the foyer at the end of a short hall. The hall opens up to the social zone where you either turn the corner to a wall with bookshelves or you keep going straight ahead and into the kitchen
The kitchen island has a butcher-block counter that continues past the cabinetry where it morphs into an 8m long dining table. Around the corner from the library wall is the living area.
The exterior wall that connects the kitchen, dining and living areas is filled with glazings that overlook the view below.
The kitchen has no upper cabinets but with the long stretch of cabinetry both against the wall and in the island, storage is well taken care of and check out that amazing faucet.
Aside from the sculptural faucet, the architect has also chosen a stove vent that is pure minimalism within its white tubular framework. Its like pop art suspended from the ceiling.
In direct contrast to the minimal lines and colours within the kitchen is the bold and brazen moments in the dining area. The 4 super sized light pendants encsed in amber glass and the potent blue upholstery bulging forth from the chair frames is just awesome. This is where 3D renderings excel – how else would the client get the full effect of colour, texture and function from a design concept.
I love how the architect lined up the island, table, pendants and chairs – its so symmetrical and yet not. The white kitchen is balanced by the white leather sofa but the library wall clad in wood creates a foil that keeps the room feeling alive and welcoming.
Aside from the library wall the electrical chords fro the lighting pendants play havoc with the symmetry by each wavering downward in their own random way. I like the way contemporary pendants do this, it offers a bit of free spirit to a room.
While the kitchen and dining areas are carefully choreographed, the cushions on the sofa are anything but. Casual placement of varying sized pillows are far more inviting then a regimented layout.
The casualness of the pillows is repeated in the puddling of the drapery and a connection between the two is further enhanced by the same ash shade of grey in both. While this softscaping has a more organic flow then the symmetry of the dining and kitchen areas, the wood blocking on the ceiling continues the geometric flow – again, far easier to see in a 3D sketch then on a plan.
The wood blocking on the ceiling continues down the living room wall where it meets up with the floor. Its not actually layered on top of the white but rather the reverse. The white ceiling and walls are mounted overtop of the wood to create an exciting layered effect. Stopping short of the floor the wood creates a soft backdrop to the media console as it wraps two walls of the living room.
The wooden cube that is created by the foyer library and living room is actually the location of the multi-cabinet pantry.
The doors to the pantry continue the wood elements of the cube itself. Opposite the pantry white doors on white walls lead to the bedroom and bathroom.
The bedroom features a platform bed made from the same wood as the cabinetry within the apartment. What I love about the bed is the large and chunky feet – they’re huge!
The bathroom adds the additional material of tile to its structure, but keeps the neutral scheme the same with the use of small white mosaics. Here, just like with the dining room table, the architect played with the various planes of the room by morphing the tub surround into the vanity.
Dimitry Sorochan of Modom filled Apartment Q3 with unique design features that simply would not give the client the full impact without these 3D renderings by Designconnected and the architects choice to present the apartment in this way must have left his clients giddy with excitement and anticipation..


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