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Clever Small Space Design Tricks

Fitting everything you need into a small space can be a true pain. Not only is it difficult to fit all your essentials, but it’s even harder to find a place where your style stands out from the rest. While these reasons can make it challenging to find the right pieces of décor to place in the room, they’re also why decorating a smaller space can be oh so fun. Here are a few clever small space design tricks that highlight your style will enhancing the room’s overall aesthetic.

Natural Lighting

If you have a large window consider having your decor directly in front of it for a welcoming charm. 

Having natural lighting is essential to any home, regardless of its size. If you’re lucky enough to have an abundance of windows, then you want to take full advantage of it. To do just that you want to uncover as much of your windows as possible. Rather than cover them with dark curtains consider having them with shades or light airy ones instead.

Don’t Forget to Play with Scales

You want to have as many different scales in a room as you possibly can. Doing so creates a contrasting approach that makes the room feel as expansible as humanly possible.

Do not be afraid of having a large furniture piece as part of your décor. Large pieces in smaller rooms does not mean the room will appear smaller, it’s quite the opposite. Having these large pieces work great when you want to work with scales. There’s a huge difference in having a well-curated space and working with a cluttered room. For every large piece you have, you want to balance it out with a smaller one.

Large Patterned Rug

If you aren’t fond of having a large rug, consider a textured rug for a similar display.

Unlike smaller rugs having a large patterned rug does not break up the floor. Having a smaller rug can break up the floor of the room, giving it a shorter appearance. Which is why we recommend having a large patterned one instead. Pair your large rug with centered seating to further showcase a larger appearance.

Go Dark

If you truly want to keep the expansive feel in the room, keep the rest of your decor white. Doing so helps maintain an indescribable airiness to the room.

Many will argue, having a smaller room means you can no longer use darker colors. However, this is not true at all. Dark glossy walls make a perfect statement piece regardless of how big or smaller your space is. Use it to your advantage by displaying clean, crisp lines throughout and making the room come to life. The black, rich hue will make the room have a unique edge to it that is always a good idea.

Smart Lighting

Why have wall lights only when you can have a display of both. If you find a chandelier you like, display it along with your wall mounts for a brighter showcase.

Lighting is extremely important when it comes to the expansion of a room. When selecting the light fixtures to use in the room, select smart fixtures. Smart fixtures work due to being able to be used in the most walls, ceilings or both! The less floor space you use, the better.

Float Around

Pushing your decor to the center of the room will make the room appear more cohesive regardless of how small the room is.

Instead of having all of your furniture placed heavily against the wall, bring it in. The idea of bringing it in is having the space feel grander by displaying your furniture in the inner portion of your living space. You want your décor to be as focused in the center as possible. Move as much décor away from the walls as you possibly can.

Stick to a Color Palette

The more cohesive your color palette is the grander the room will appeal without feeling smaller.

Just because you have a smaller room does not mean you can’t have fun with your décor. The key is going bold but sticking to one color palette. Sticking to one specific palette enables you to bring in as many colors from the color wheel as possible. Furthermore, complete your palette by using wallpaper as your main source.

Hang a Chair

If you don’t want to have a bold hanging chair, consider a more relaxed approach of a hammock. Hammocks are calmer and even a bit hippie.

Hanging chairs are not only fun but they add visual appeal to the room. What this means is you can swing a chair without having to take up square footage. Furthermore, you can ensure your chair takes up as little bits of space as possible. Think of it as the perfect form of adding additional seating without all the hassle.

Bring in Ottomans

Consider having cool ottomans as your focal point in the room. Doing so allows you to have as much square footage without taking away from your decor.

If you’re in need of functional décor, ottomans are the way to go. Not only do they save space, but they help you multitask. By having a multitasking element to them you can use them not only in multiple areas of the room, but you can have them displayed as accessories. Choose identical ottomans for a cohesive display.

Get Creative with Art

Blend your art with your decor for a brightening effect that makes sense in the room.

When it comes to art you want to display as many bold pieces as possible and blend it with smaller pieces that still work well in the room. Think of it as your personal art wall. Furthermore, display pieces that make sense to your overall décor. Do not forget to use larger art pieces where you feel you need a focal point.

Which of these tricks will you be trying at home? Share with us below.


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