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Small House Addition – renovation ideas that look Big

Mako Residence by award-winning architecture firm Bates Masi is a little luxury retreat in Amagansett, NY, boasting relaxed simplicity for casual, comfortable living. At 1,800 sq. ft., this small house looks surprisingly big. The unusual renovation idea called for a small house addition plus an overall exterior redesign to create a more functional and fashionable cottage home. The owners wanted to simplify the exterior from its existing multi-volume turret design, while an addition would increase valuable living space. Minimalist interiors and a white-on-white palette maintain a sense of simplicity for minimalist living that makes this retreat house such a haven. A new kitchen and dining room design are conducive to family meals and entertaining. Upstairs, an added bedroom and bathroom boast a sliding glass wall which opens onto a terrace, offering outdoor living rooms with views of the surrounding sand dunes and the ocean. The roof was extended to form a screen, shielding the house from the sun while giving it a modern new facade. “The screen within is comprised of 16-ft.-long vertical boards, heated and twisted 180 degrees. The twisting boards shade the existing living room windows from the harsh sun above and give privacy from the street below to the bedroom,” explain the architects. “During the day, the interiors are filled with soft reflected light and the views are preserved. At night, when backlit and viewed from the road that descends in front of the home, the twisting boards create visual effects that seem to move as the viewer does.” What an interesting house addition idea! Bates Masi Architects
via Arch Daily



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