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Simple Stockholm Apartment Showcases Building’s Original Frame

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Design firm Studiomama ventured into Stockholm’s medieval old town Gamla Stan where they transformed the top two floors of a 300-year-old building into a pair of modern, yet historically respectful apartments. The architects started by stripping back the space to its original framework, which they restored to become the main focal point. The vaulted ceiling extends into walls, which are all angled by the roofline. Exposed beams stretch across overhead, drawing the eye up to showcase the high point of the ceiling. A neutral palette of white walls, light wood and plenty of natural light visually enhance the sense of space. A few thoughtfully selected furnishings echo the home’s simple style. For more information, visit Studiomama.

simple stockholm apartments showcase original frame 2 thumb autox943 50956 Simple Stockholm Apartment Showcases Buildings Original Frame

The two apartments share their characteristic style, but contrast in their forms and layouts. From the architects, “Whilst apartment 1 is traditional in its feel and atmosphere, apartment 2 makes bold design statements and l features a double height bookcase flanking one wall with an integrated sliding door.”


The wide angled walls are lined with windows framing views if city and sky, taking the place of art and artificial illumination.


The kitchen stays true to the apartment’s minimalist style, defined by a simple marble-topped island and a wood back wall.


The simple finishes are dressed up with some gilded accessories.


A custom floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall shelf features a grid of cubbies that catch the eye, even when empty.


Among the clean, modern finishes, those rough beams always remind you of the building’s history.


The vertical and horizontal beams lead the eye across and up to the loft, which is accessed by a wood-enclosed staircase. Skylights at the top illuminate both levels.


The geometry of the apartment is really quite striking.


This living area might tend toward the clean and contemporary, but the wood-burning fireplace feature is one of those timeless traditional elements.


Past this heated hub, the open living area leads into a dining area that’s sure to whet your appetite for meals, company and views.


Heading up the stairs, the sun spilling in through the skylights casts an ever-changing interplay of shadow and light on the walls and floors.


Upstairs, a slim catwalk runs across the open living area, offering downward views to the left and right.


The ceiling-height cubbies are within arm’s reach of the bridge.


The furnishings are few and far between, but the handful of pieces featured speak to the home’s minimalist style, showcasing simplicity in their materials and composition.


The long view…


The bathrooms are clean and contemporary, but don’t fall short on luxury. White marble walls dress the walls and floor, while gold fixtures deliver an understated shine.



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