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Shower System from Methven – new Satinjet Tahi system designed with women in mind

Designed to satisfy the feminine form and women’s needs, the new Satinjet Tahi Shower System from Methven brings the luxury spa experience to your home. The Satinjet Tahi shower incorporates versatile functional features with a sophisticated style that takes its cue from modern technology. The shower system modular design lets you install it virtually anywhere, in any configuration customizable to your individual needs. An integrated footrest can be connected to the spine or mounted to the wall, making shaving legs in the shower comfortable and easy. Spacious shelving can be installed at any height to accommodate bathing accessories and essentials. A hand shower offers a massage option to work your tense muscles at the end of a hard day; or let the overhead shower rain over you and wash your cares down the drain. That’s not to say any water or energy is being wasted – the Satinjet Tahi system heats more than 50 per cent less water consumes that traditional fixtures. The overhead drencher consumes just 9L of water per minute, while the hand-spray with revolutionary water saving twin-jet performance uses just 7.5L per minute. The shower controls are built into the wall and allow for thermostatic control of temperature and flow. For more on the Satinjet Tahi Shower System visit Methven.



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