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Satinjet Maia Massaging Showerhead from Methven – the world’s first health and beauty shower

Methven Satinjet Maia showerhead
The Satinjet Maia Massaging Showerhead from Methven offers an unusual twist on the showerhead. Satinjet Maia offers not only the health benefits of a body massage, but also the beauty benefits of a facial massage. You can rest assured that you are doing your face and body good: it eliminates chlorine from the water (and with that, the drying effects chlorine has on the skin and hair). It is also a low-flow shower – but it doesn’t feel like it! The benefits of a massaging shower are well-known – it stimulates capillaries gently to encourage better circulation and blood flow – bringing your skin more nutrients and oxygen to keep it looking great. Your own personal spa in the home has never been easier to achieve than with the Satinjet Maia Massaging Showerhead! Contact Methven for details.
Satinjet Maia showerhead - massaging nozzles detail


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