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Simple Shower Head with Rim by Zucchetti

These fashionably simple shower heads with rim by Zucchetti are the work of internationally acclaimed designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba. The couple have focused their immense talents on creating a collection of round and square products that fulfill a desire for minimalist decor yet still provide a powerful showering experience. The rim adds character and creates a distinguished look that is functional, industrial almost, but is saved from being too severe by the use of curves and rounded edges that soften the design. Don’t be fooled by the simple shapes: the imposing size of these shower heads and the drenching rain flow, together with their high-tech capabilities, ensure a luxurious shower every time. Of course in today’s environmentally aware society water saving is a priority for many people – and Zucchetti doesn’t disappoint. These products are designed for minimum water consumption and the user controls the water flow. Suitable for installation on walls or ceilings, these Zucchetti round and square shower heads complement the company’s existing ranges. For more information visit Zucchetti.



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