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Shower Cabin from Kos – Kosmic1 and Kosmic2 chromatherapy cabins

A Kos shower cabin will change showering as you know it. The Kosmic chromatherapy shower cabin has so many amenities, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a luxury spa every time you step in for your morning shower. This high-end unit features adjustable and revolving jets for vertical and back hydromassage to help relieve the tensions of your daily grind. The sliding showerhead is a convenient element that caters to diverse users and allows for increased functionality. A Turkish bath feature dispenses a number of therapeutic essences to enhance the “spa” experience. La piece de resistance, however, is the optional Idrocolore technology that allows you to create a vibrant light show within the confines of your shower. Your showering environment can go from blue to purple to green with an easy to use digital keyboard. The Kosmic line of shower cabins includes two sizes – Kosmic 1 at 129x129x220cm and Kosmic 2 at 180x129x220cm. Kos


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