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Shallow Prep Sink from Glem – with a cascading water jet!

Chefs (and wannabe chefs!) will appreciate the convenience of this sensational shallow prep sink from Glem: the Acquapiano. A steady stream of water trickles down the smooth, wide expanse of stainless steel that forms the main sink area. This is great for whisking away dirt, keeping the area neat, and also for conserving water when cleaning vegetables, etc. For when you need a more powerful, directed jet, there is a hand-held ‘shower’ faucet. The generous cord allows you to move it to the optimum position – no more squeezing things awkwardly under taps! Next to the main sink is a small, deeper sink complete with a stainless steel draining basket. Also, an optional attachment – a large, shallow draining tray – fits perfectly into the large sink. You’ll just love the versatility of this shallow prep sink from Glem… the Acquapiano.



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