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Sfera Showerhead by FIMA Carlo Frattini

Known for its design and innovation, FIMA Carlo Frattini has done it again with the Sphere (Sfera) showerhead. Inspired by the Magic Ball, this orb by designers Marco and Sandro Meneghello Paolelli is all about breaking boundaries and conventions, offering the ability to customize your bathroom to your wants and needs. According to the designers, “The collective imagination of a shower head is a large circle, a large pan from which magically comes out the water. The magic of the overflow is a fascinating subject, so we decided to design a true ‘magic ball,’ a wonderful tool to the bathroom!” This original showerhead is available in two finishes: full color or two-toned, and makes a great addition to modern bathrooms. Check it out at FIMA Carlo Frattini.



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