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Sectional Convertible Sofa with Storage Box by Futura

I know it doesn’t look much like a sofa right now, but trust us, it is a sofa – and a lovely one. But this is only the beginning. It’s one of the most intelligent modular sofas we’ve seen! We have covered Futura furniture before: The Lounge Style Sofa Airport, The Modern Recliner Sofa Free and The Double Swivel Recliner Sofa Le Vele, but we felt they were worth another look. With this new offering, the storage box unpacks (pillows and cushions) and becomes somewhere for you to store items. Each piece of this sectional sofa has the ability to become the other piece of this sofa, making it easy to transform. It could be the end piece – the center piece – or even an ottoman or foot rest. You can use one or both of the collapsible arm rest and back rest – or fold them both back into the storage box and use the piece as an ottoman (or even a table). It reminds us of the way mini-van can seats can fold into the floor in seconds. What a modern, modular piece of furniture – ready to conform to your needs on a second’s notice. Now, that’s comfort.

You can store your gear inside this piece!
Or fold up the chair arm and chair back…
And it becomes a foot rest!
These sectional pieces transform in front of your eyes!
The possibilities are almost endless!
More information: Futura


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