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Saunas from Sauna Italia – the Elle chrome-therapy sauna

Warm and inviting, what could be more tempting in the chilly winter months than a sauna from Sauna Italia? Just knowing that the sauna is hot and waiting for you to spend some time soothing away your cares will make you impatient to return home at the end of a long day. Additionally, you will find the chic aspect of the Elle Sauna (with its gorgeous contrasting combination of black Wenge wood and golden-colored Okoume wood) adds real practical luxury to your home. Step inside through the inviting glass door and these good looks go on… authentic untreated Hemlock paneling is used throughout. Relax as the unique chrome-therapy fades through different lighting effects reminiscent of sunsets and sunrises, whilst all the time it is also filling the space with your choice of music. A distinctive and durable addition to your home, the Elle Sauna from Sauna Italia provides a place of secluded serenity.
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