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S-Shaped Glass Walls Connect Indoors and Out

s shaped glass walls living room 1 thumb 630xauto 46879 S Shaped Glass Walls Connect Indoors and Out

The Design House project is an initiative by Design Week Mexico that sees a house in Mexico City transformed by a group of forward-thinking designers, year after year. Now in its sixth year, in 2014 project presents Mexico-based Esrawe Studio and the firm’s creative connection between interiors and out, expressed through an organic, S-shaped glass enclosure which separates spaces without secluding them. The ever-present connection between indoors and outdoors alike give the whole home a distinctive alfresco look and feel – even when you find yourself deep within.

s shaped glass walls living room 2 thumb 630xauto 46881 S Shaped Glass Walls Connect Indoors and Out

Inside the home, three distinct spaces are part of a larger, visually open whole – and they’re all married to the outdoors. The first space is, in fact, a bit of the outdoors – a small nook with aromatic plants and bushes, whose sights and smells permeate this open space.


The second space, directly to the left of the plant nook, is the reading room – which is nothing more than a widely arching wood desk wrapped in a seamless glass wall which follows the characteristic curve of the tabletop. An industrial-style suspended spotlight adds some essential task lighting to the natural light pouring in through the barely-there glass walls.


A clean, contemporary yet comfortable reading chair set on a sophisticated circular run entices the book-lover to sit back and crack open a long-desired tome – that is, if you can tear your eyes away from the outdoor view!


They say three’s a charm and, indeed, the third living area within the Design House invites you to linger into the wee hours.


A low-slung table features a top slides from a massive tree trunk, its rings, cracks and framing bark intact. Pull up the low-rider seats around the alluringly asymmetrical shape, creating a staggered circle of company and conversation.


Floor plan:


For more information, visit Design Week Mexico and Esrawe Studio



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