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Rustic Wood Sofa Utah by Riva

Utah is a rustic wood sofa by Riva that makes quite a statement, not only from its visual appearance, but from its history as well. Visually, Utah is quite imposing but the worn wood, the leather and its size gives it a sort of friendly giant feel – cozy, trustworthy, comfortable and wise. It would look great in a mountain lodge setting, or maybe a stylish, bold contrast in a minimal, modern setting. If you’re not yet charmed by it, let me tell you the story. Riva recently decided to give new life to a special Venetian material called Briccolas. Briccolas are actually the posts that sit in the lagoons. They need to be replaced approximately every ten years due to natural erosion and the work of mollusks – their craftiness can be noticed by the characteristic mini holes in the wood. The Utah sofa, which can be made to measure by the way, is one of the resulting creations born out of Riva’s reuse and redesign philosophy. Nice story, right? Visit Riva to find out more.



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