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Rustic Chic Revival in Classic Cabin with Eclectic Details

Not only is “chalet chic” a trend that never seems to fizzle, but it always comes roaring back with a fresh new face. This Montana mountain ski cabin, designed by architects Pearson Design Group with interiors by Wick Design, is a perfect example of country with a contemporary edge. The timber exterior and rustic interiors echo the home’s alpine setting in the materials itself and the traditional way they come together. The classic cabin is contemporized with eclectic, modern details and decor – its these non-committal elements that really ramp up the look and feel of this traditional design.

This slope-side cabin immediately catches your eye with its terraced timber facade set atop a stone base. The natural materials make this home one with nature. Windows and wood details add architectural interest to the homogenous material palette.
The wood facade works its way indoors, where exposed wood beams, wood-plank floors and walls wrap you in their warm, earthy embrace – it’s just the feel you want when you come in to escape the blustery winter weather outside. Rustic style furnishings combine with contemporary choices in furniture and art, for a more balanced interior.
The living area is a cozy spot focused on a central fireplace featuring a firebox with a chic herringbone tile pattern.
The dining room is a delicious space in wrapped in wood and woodland views. The timber walls, floors and ceilings are brightened by all the windows that line the space and flood it with natural light. The windows all open outward, inviting the fresh air and mountain views inside. The crystal tabletop decor reflects (literally and figuratively!) the winter wonderland scenery.
Now, here’s a bona fide country kitchen if ever we’ve seen one. We love the warm wood floors and cabinetry. The center island is executed in a darker wood finish, which makes it a stand out feature while maintaining the overall rustic aesthetic. The black stone backsplash adds drama, and a subdued sparkle.
Follow the wood staircase upward through the home, spiraling its way around a collection of staggered pendant light that dangle enticingly out of reach.
The bedroom is reflection of both the architecture and the nature of this location. The wood clad room boasts this perfectly imperfect material, knots, cracks and all. The walls, floor and ceiling all mend into one continuous surface, broken up by the bright white, plush furnishings and the snow-blanketed views out the large window, which takes its place front and center. Suspended over the romantic canopied bed, a lantern style light glows warmly overhead.
Pearson Design Group and Wick Design
via Desire to Inspire


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