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Rocky Mountain Weekend Home with Modern Scandinavian Flare

Located at the Kicking Horse Mountain Ski Resort in Golden, BC, Canada this 3500sqft reinterpretation of a mountain lodge was created by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson to reflect the Nordic heritage of their client’s. The client’s gave Bohlin Cywinski Jackson a brief to build a weekend retreat for an active family of five and guests. The home would be unoccupied for extended periods so security issues needed to be factored into the design as well. When occupied, the client’s requested that the home presents a private facade to the neighbors on both sides while still maintaining a focus on the outdoor views.

The final design presents the 2-storey home as two volumes side by side connected by a central staircase. The larger of the volumes holds the main living zones as well as sleeping areas and the smaller volume contains a family room.
The home is surrounded by a forest of Aspen and Spruce so the architects decided to use timber as a primary building material. Since the home is a remote weekend retreat, they included a system that would allow for remote control of the electrical, heating and security systems as well as a back up generator.
The building sits comfortably on a slope allowing for entrances on both the lower and middle levels. The lower entrance is the main entry, while the higher one – at the back of the smaller volume – offers easy access for skiers or cyclists.
A standing seam metal roof folds over the peak of the home before continuing on as the walls. The roof features operable vents that can bring natural daylight into the loft spaces which hold bunk beds for children and/or guests.
The same plywood clad walls within the loft are used throughout the home, including on the exterior where it is used to shelter an outdoor terrace. The plywood forms a minimalist surround of the forest beyond as if it where the matte on a painting.
Aside from the loft bedrooms, the home contains two Master Suites – one at either end of the middle storey. One of these Master Suites is contained within the cantilever over the home’s concrete pedestal. The concrete volume is where the garage, mudroom and play area for the children are located.
An open space holds the social zone and walls of glazing wrap the entry wall allowing the mountain views to permeate the living and dining spaces.
The only wall within the social zone that is not covered in glazings is the fireplace all. The fireplace is a tall, geometric concrete form that centres the space both with its size and with its ambiance.
One of the few spaces within the home that features a punch of colour is the stairs leading to the loft. Here a bright lime green powder coated handrail is a fun addition to the plywood surround.
The home floats above the forest floor, allowing the natural drainage of the site to continue uninterrupted.
Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Photography by Mathew Millman and Nic Lehoux


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