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River Stone Sink by SDA Decoration

sdb vasques river stone slim2 thumb River Stone Sink by SDA Decoration
Mother Nature is the ultimate designer! But SDA Decoration has managed to harness her wild beauty in this stunning river stone sink for the bathroom. Integrating nature into modern design, these river stone sinks are unique in their shape, which is dictated by nature to guarantee a one-of-a-kind look, and are available in two sizes: regular (45 by 55 by 20 cm) and extra large (70 by 60 by 25 cm). From the exterior, the finish is rough and rocky, while the interior is hand-hollowed, smoothed and polished, offering a wonderful blend of raw and refined. Complement your sink with natural materials like marble countertops, stone tiles and wood for an indoor-outdoor oasis, or create a contemporary contrast with modern materials like stainless steel and a vibrant color palette. SDA Decoration.



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