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Restaurant Design Trends To Consider In Your Home

How many times have we all been to a restaurant and completely fell in love with the décor? Restaurants have become the new “trendy spot” with hidden trends that only designs seem to know. We have done our research and have found a few restaurant design trends that not only appear beautifully in a restaurant setting but will inspire you to revamp your home.

Mix Styles and Designs

Mixing two to three different styles together can be one of the best things you do for your living space. Take an edgy look and pair it with contemporary pieces for a beautiful blend of styles that simply Works!

Do not be afraid to mix different styles, colors, and designs to create a custom look for you. Pick a wallpaper that seems to not work in the room and pair it with classic bits such as neutral tiles or touches of brass. By having an unplaceable touch the space will always feel fresh and new every time you enter the room.

Layer Lighting

Having an open floor plan is the best way to have multiple different light fixtures work well together. The key is working with light fixtures that work well together while still holding their very own. Doing so allows you to turn on and off specific lights at any given time.

Lighting has always been a fundamental aspect of decorating, especially when you want to create an inviting atmosphere. Whether you are decorating your bathroom, dining room and/or your living room, we recommend taking the layering lighting concept and adding chandeliers, sconces, dimmers, or all three to create that intimate feel. Taking this approach creates a seamless transition from your day to night.

Consider Your Space

We love the idea of having exposed wood throughout the wall instead of having a fireplace. While you can always decorate around a fireplace mantle, the exposed wood will become the clear focus in the room.

A concept that restaurant decorators always take into consideration is the space and the size of it. Before making any big renovations or updates you want to take a full view of the room and truly see how many items can fit into it. The key is retaining the main focus of the room while updating it. For example, if you have a fireplace, expose it. You want to take full advantage of the natural bits the space has to offer.

Do Not Forget the Details

Details are extremely important when it comes to creating a cozy space that embodies everything your home is supposed to embody. The idea is to have your personality blend in seamlessly with key objects such as cozy chairs and even a unique fireplace.

Nothing makes a space feel “homey” quite like the little intimate details you end up adding along the way. Yes, your décor may already seem put together and everything you have always envisioned, but take it a step further by adding trinkets that bring vitality and freshness. We recommend adding trees, a gallery wall, or even a bookshelf.

Go Bold with your Bathroom and Entryway

Instead of having a simple space as part of your entryway consider adding additional seating or even display trinkets that help bring a cozy feel to the room in a seamless manner. 

The bathroom and entryway are two areas in your home that you can indulge with bold and creative décor. These two spaces are areas that people frequent, therefore, you want to make it a little extra special. Take a bold wallpaper, tiles or intricate furniture and pair them together in the space to create that bold feeling that brings out your personality.

Eco-Friendly Décor

For an eco-friendly aesthetics consider using repurpose wood. Repurpose wood is beautiful while being good for the environment. Pair with additional natural bits to continue the simplicity in the room.

The world has become a whole lot more conscious of how damaging waste can be to our planet. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that eco-friendly décor is becoming a top favorite in the restaurant business and now at home décor as well. Add natural elements around the home for that eco-friendly feel that is displayed throughout. Another way to do this is by resourcing furniture that would not fit in well and creating something completely new with it.

Less is Sometimes More

Having a minimal space does not mean you don’t have any furniture or decorating bits it simply means you are more careful of what pieces will work best in the space. Take the space into consideration before you decorate it. Doing so will allow for a simple open floor plan.

We sometimes tend to get carried away with décor, however, this time around restaurants and homes are becoming more minimalist. The idea stems from the concept that a space doesn’t need too many added bits when you can focus on the architecture of the room instead. The key is having a well-developed space that speaks for itself.

Retro Style

When we first think about retro many of us think “color! bold powerful color.” However, retro can be done in multiple different ways including using neutrals. Use hues of gray, white or even green to bring that retro feel while still being neutral and simple.

One of the biggest restaurant trends to look out for is retro style. Retro style has become the new “hot trend” it’s coming back with a vengeance and we are super into it. There is something very fresh and fun about it that simply makes sense. The key is to embrace the space and add those signature retro elements.

Bring on the Bright Hues

Bright hues are one of our favorites due to them having the ability to transform a space without additional work. Consider having bold hues that work well together yet will make an impact in the kitchen space. The key is having a blend of colors that brighten the neutrals you have.

Restaurants are becoming more straightforward with their décor and are incorporating bright hues. We have always loved the idea of bright hues paired with neutrals as a defining feature in a room. This happens to work extremely well in the kitchen as it brings a room back to life.

Change Up the Chairs

Whether you decide to use completely different chairs or completely different chair colors. The idea is to bring a unique element into the room while still have the essentials that are needed. Pair with simple light fixtures to bring the entire room together.

Chairs are a big deal in a restaurant. The way the seating is set up can completely change the concept of the room. However, more and more business owners are taking the idea of changing up the chairs of the table to create a completely new concept. Use multiple different chairs at your dining table to see the aesthetics of your dining room completely change.

Which of these restaurant trends are you interested in trying in your home? Share with us your ideas below.


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