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Repurposed Water Tower, Now a Modern House in Belgium

This converted water tower house is recycling at its best. Designed by architect Jo Crepain of Crepain Binst Architecture, Moereels House represents a wonderful use of the existing to create something new, unique and totally modern. Located in Brasschaat, Belgium, the original concrete tower lends this conversion an authentic, industrial look. Surrounding the tower are U-shaped glass panels on three sides, and shallow balconies on the fourth. Around the tower’s base is a 20-ft.-high entrance level, which welcomes residents and visitors into the contemporary interiors housed within the tower itself. A series of steel staircases connect the various levels within the tower, which is lit up by out-of-this-world fluorescent lamps visible through the forest at dark. Crepain Binst Architecture
via Cool Boom via Materialicious
This modern house in Belgium used to be a water tower



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