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10 Trendy Kitchen Island Ideas

Functional yet stylish is the perfect definition of a kitchen island. Their versatility has made them a top favorite in the kitchen space. So much so that many individuals are redesigning and revamping their kitchen around the idea of having a modern kitchen island. The following 10 trendy kitchen island ideas are sure to inspire your next kitchen upgrade that is versatile and functional all at once.

Bring on the Blue

blue ktichen island 10 Trendy Kitchen Island Ideas
The contrast between the neutral shade of the kitchen paired with the bold shade of blue enhances the space and gives the kitchen a trendy take. The fact, that the kitchen island is a painted in a rustic manner adds to the charm of the kitchen. 

When you are considering a color for your kitchen contemplate the color blue. Blue is a powerful yet majestic color that will brighten up your kitchen space all while providing a pop of color. Match your blue kitchen island with your cabinets for a cohesive take on this trend. Use powerful blue shades such as seafoam, powder blue, sky blue, and even teal.

Marble Is a Must

marble kitchen island 10 Trendy Kitchen Island Ideas
Marble is fresh, clean, and trendy. Therefore, having a marble kitchen island paired with a contrasting color such as black makes a bold yet unique contrast between the two. The black in the kitchen helps further enhance the vibrant white areas of the marble countertops.

Marble is not only beautiful and unique, but it has become extremely trendy over the past few years. The idea of having a marble kitchen island will add that modern take to any kitchen. You can choose to have an entire marble island or simply have the counter be of marble.

Rustic Twist

There is something warm and welcoming about having a rustic feature in the kitchen. Add small yet simple stools to your rustic kitchen island for the perfect combination. If you choose to add color choose a color that is a neutral yet will make a statement all on its own such as blue, gray, brown, and/or beige.

Rustic and farmhouse style is very much IN as it provides a rustic twist to any décor. Which is why we love the idea of pairing dark wood with white. An all-white kitchen island works beautifully with dark wooden stools. The contrast between the two creates a chic rustic feel.

Add a Wine Refrigerator

A custom kitchen island is perfect for those that want to have a special piece added to their kitchen. We love the idea of a wine refrigerator. However, you can add an ice cream bar, a juice maker, or even an ice box instead the ideas are endless when you are customizing a piece just for you.

This is a bit of a more custom trend. However, we have begun to take notice that more and more kitchen islands are incorporating custom areas such as a wine refrigerator. The idea is to make the kitchen island the ultimate kitchen accessory. Therefore, incorporating a custom piece such as a wine refrigerator will elevate the kitchen island and make it more personal to you.

Green is IN

Most of us when we think about the color green we may think of a bold, loud, and in your face color. However, green moves in numerous different shades. Olive happens to be a top favorite when it comes to home decor. Paint your kitchen island a shade of olive for a chic twist on a traditional green island.

Many homeowners are a bit intimidated by color. In fact, it may seem out of the norm to have a bold color become part of your kitchen and home décor. However, if you are looking for a trendy yet beautiful color to incorporate into your kitchen décor. Have a green island. Gem green is the perfect way of having a standout piece while still being a subdued color. Green is IN and we love it!


Quartzite just like comes in numerous different colors. However, the lighter the shade of quartzite the more you are capable of seeing the intricate design of the stone. The beauty is undeniable when paired with a simple yet minimal kitchen design.

If marble is a bit too modern for you, quartzite is the perfect gem addition. Quartzite is not as bold as marble. In fact, it is a bit more subdued yet provides the same intricate feel that marble does. The great aspect about quartzite is that no two pieces are ever the same as there are veins in it that change and shift. Therefore, if you decide to have more than two pieces of quartzite in your home the pattern on them will be completely different.

Double Duty

Having a double duty kitchen island is great. It is quite beneficial to have a kitchen island that allows you to cook meals while still being part of the entertainment in the kitchen space. You can cook the meal you want and eat it all in the same area. Add stools for an added seating area. 

As far as we have witnessed kitchen islands have mainly been used as an additional area for seating or laying out food. However, they are now being upgraded to a cooking space as well. Adding in a stovetop, and sink to your kitchen island can make it a second cooking space that allows you to entertain while making your favorite meal.

Minimalist Wood

Minimal does not mean the space is “boring” or less decorated it simply means the decor is a bit more simple. That is when a minimal kitchen island will come in handy. A minimal kitchen island will get the job done in a simple yet proficient manner. Pair the simple island with unique stools for a bold contrast of two different decorative styles. 

Although, we all love the idea of an extravagant kitchen island. We may just simply need a simple, minimal wooden island instead. A simple bar like wooden piece will give you a bit more room for serving food while incorporating the minimalist trend all at the same time.

Black and White

Have other black and white items in the kitchen for a cohesive appeal that brings the entire look together. Add pops of color in the kitchen space for a bold twist that stands out against the neutral hues. Yellow, orange, red, blue, and purple work best in this neutral setting. 

No two contrasting colors make such a huge impact quite like black and white. Black and white work together beautifully to create the perfect contrast between the two. In fact, we love the idea of having an all-white kitchen island paired with black stools. The boldness of the black stool adds a bold feel to your kitchen space.

Cypress Wood

Make a statement with a cypress wood kitchen island. Its intricate detailing makes it much more than just a wooden detail in your kitchen. In fact, cypress wood is so different that you can feel the different texture on it when you touch it. Bringing the visiual appeal right to your fingertips.

Exposed wood is always a great idea when you are working on a kitchen island. However, there is something different and special about cypress wood. Cypress wood is a different type of wood because it features a grainy texture. The beauty of this is you can see the grainy texture throughout the entire wooden piece. Pair your cypress wooden island with unique chairs for the ultimate upgrade.

To conclude, your kitchen island could be the perfect upgrade. Which of these trendy ideas are you interested in trying in your home? Let us know in the comments below.



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