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Remote Controlled Kitchen from SCIC – Conchiglia 08

SCIC kitchen Conchiglia 08 is controlled by remote
The Conchiglia 08 is a remote controlled kitchen for those who take their kitchen space seriously. Centred around a large kitchen island, the minimal design is block-like and uncluttered. The top and front of the kitchen are breathtaking in glacier white Corian. By way of contrast, the cooking and washing functional epicentre of the Conchiglia 08 design is a technologically advanced stainless steel area that can be hidden away at the touch of button. The electrified closure means that aesthetics can be carefully balanced with the functionality of this kitchen. After all, it is kitchen for using – plenty of storage space that is organised into places for items with specific uses will keep you in control and ready to create culinary delights for friends and family. Minimal made approachable – the Conchiglia 08 is from SCIC.
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SCIC kitchen Conchiglia 08 with an open lid
Conchiglia 08 detail


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