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Reflective Wall Decals with Mirror-like Finish


Mirrors are such a great way to increase light via reflections – but mirrors can be both heavy and, well, breakable. The Reflective Wall Decals by WALLTAT give you all the positives that mirrors bring without the negatives. The Sunburst Reflective Decal is the perfect example of what can be achieved with these amazing thin vinyl stickers with their chrome, mirror-like finish. This geostyle hexagonal burst composition comes in 45″, 60″ and 79″ diameters.


I love this tree! It comes in three sizes and you could have so much fun creating a reflective forest down a long hallway. Doors in the way? No problem, the Skinny Tree Reflective Decal – as with all of WALLTAT’s decals – is easy to cut. The three sizes are; 31″Wx47″H, 37″Wx60″H and 47″Wx72″H.

Sometimes less is more and in this case a simple Feather Reflective Decal is so much more. Available in 5 sizes – 46″Wx18″H, 60″Wx23″H, 79″Wx31″H, 99″Wx38″W, and 118″Wx46″H it can be placed vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

The Mystical Tree Reflective Decal is a vine filled tree with a trunk that can curve either to the left or right, depending which orientation suits your space. It would be fun to have a pair curved towards each other, framing a small bench in an entry way! Available in 4 sizes – 39″Wx46″H, 51″Wx60″H, 67″Wx79″H and 84″Wx99″H.

Pom Pom Reflective Decal is a burst of asymmetrical flower petals that reminds me of a Dahlia. The soft organic design has a real contemporary edge that looks stunning against this black backdrop. Available in 3 sizes – 46″Wx45″H, 60″Wx59″H and 99″Wx97″H. It would be fun to create a wall vignette using all three – and it would be so easy to do since each of the decals has a paper backing with a clear transfer coating that can be applied to any smooth surface. They adhere to walls, glass, furniture and even appliances – and can even be bent or curved around corners.


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