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Raw Meets Modern at 700 Palms Residence in Venice, California

Based on a challenge, the 700 Palms Residence was born. Addressing the issues surrounding a narrow lot, Steven Ehrlich Architects incorporated light, privacy and space into this modern Venice, California home. The innovative use of raw materials and industrial elements blends seamlessly with the clean-cut contemporary accents that can only be describes as “SoCal” in style. And in true California style, eco-chic is in full force at the 700 Palms Residence. The home’s unique look is achieved through the use of low-maintenance recycled materials. The floor plan floods living spaces with natural light throughout the day. Solar shading reduces heat gain in your home, while radiant concrete flooring regulates temperature, contributing to a more comfortable interior environment, and in the long run, a cleaner and “greener” exterior environment. Steven Ehrlich Architects.



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