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Quirky Contemporary Cupboard Design from Horm

Quartodiluna Tide cupboard design by Karim Rashid
With a style all of its own, this gorgeous contemporary cupboard from Horm is ideal for those who are looking for something entirely different. The eye catching cupboards provide lots of storage space whilst subtly adding to the stylish ambiance of any room. The Tide cupboard by Karim Rashid echoes the ripples and undulation of ocean waves in thin, parallel slats, bringing a peaceful tranquillity and minimalist aesthetic. In a range of vibrant lacquered colors, or the pure white shown here, nothing detracts from the serene flow of lines. The Polka dots cupboard by Toyo Ito has a more lively and fun aspect. Lit from within, the Circular decorations in frosted methacrylate stand out against the natural wood – choose from either whitened beech or beech with mocha stain. Contact Horm to find out more about these individualistic pieces of furniture.
Quartodiluna Polka Dots cupboard design by Toyo Ito
Quartodiluna Tide cupboard - drawer details
Quartodiluna Polka Dots cupboard - details

Quartodiluna Tide cupboard - lower compartment


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