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10 Quarantine Thanksgiving Dining Table Ideas

Thanksgiving– the holiday where people consume as much food as possible laughing with their loved ones. It’s that one time of year where families willingly gather around the idea of giving thanks. Though this is all true, this year’s Thanksgiving will be a little bit different. Not only is the world going through a serious pandemic, but things just seem to not be the same. Keeping that in mind, you might be spending Thanksgiving with just you and your kids without any relatives. If that is the case, here are Quarantine Thanksgiving dining table ideas that will bring the festivities to you no matter who’s on your table.

Multiple Centerpieces

The beauty of mixing and matching your dining space is being able to bring a cluster of items together and making the room feel new and fresh even while having dinner.

Why settle for one centerpiece when you can choose a cluster of multiple pieces and make it a customized touch? The idea is to create a chic space that’s magical in every sense of the word. Furthermore, it allows you to showcase your creative side from every angle. Reintroduce the idea of having vases in multiple sizes and decorative touches and having them become the main focus. Add festive flowers, candles, or even plants and make it a big focus.

Subtlety Wins

The simple act of bringing in color will instantly make your table chic. It’s all about bringing shades of plum and having them become the main focus.

Sometimes you don’t want all the commotion of the holidays displayed on your dining table, sometimes you want a chicer approach. When that is the case, it’s all about being subtle and showcasing what the table has to offer. Work with the idea of creating an unparalleled, versatility that makes a room come to life with a subtle appeal. For that subtle touch adds bold color such as red, purple, and orange. The contrast will quickly make the room come to life.

Mix Patterns

The simple act of having pattern showcased on your plate and on the table napkins will create a chic dimension.

If there’s something we can all agree on his pattern makes any space feel fresh. No matter the holiday or occasion, having patterns displayed will instantly make any space feel fresh and new. It’s all about making the space feel new without creating an overly stimulated room. Work with patterns in the same color family for the ultimate showcase in the room. Add patterned china to make the entire space feel cohesive.


Use a textured table cloth if you want a more subtle system. It’s all about making it the main focus that does not take away from the room’s overall aesthetic.

Okay, so pattern isn’t your thing, well, maybe texture is. When it comes to texture, it’s imperative that you add items that feel and look textured. You want your guests to be able to look at your items and feel as if they can visually feel the texture no matter where they’re from. Work with small bits that scream at you. Consider having an array of different sized items for the perfect approach.

Pomegranate Packs a Punch

When in doubt, work pomegranate into every inch of your table decor, making your dinner feel as charming and chic as possible.

If you think pumpkins, corn, and even garland are a bit too much and you want to shake things up, it’s time to take pomegranate and make that your main focus. Pomegranates are rich in color, texture and when opened they create a chic appeal that feels fresh every time. Sprinkle them around your table for a bold touch that makes your display feel unique every time.

Play up the Neutrals

Bring multiple shades of neutral to ensure your table is as charming and bold as possible without having to go with vivid color.

You can never go wrong with a neutral palette. Not only does a neutral display always feel chic but it makes any room come to life. The key is working with an array of neutral hues and having them feel new. It’s all about making that specific display scream modern. Use multiple different shades and make them weave within your showcase. Bring patterns to the forefront for the ultimate showcase.

Mix & Match

Consider using uncommon pieces for a more eclectic appeal that further enhances the idea of being unique.

Every inch of your table doesn’t need to be cohesive; it can be eclectic. Creating an eclectic touch makes every inch of that specific table feel fresh. Nevertheless, it will instantly make the space become a conversation piece. It’s all about having your pieces speak for themselves while creating an alluring charm. Work with bits and pieces that normally wouldn’t work together and allow them to take center stage.

Make it Rustic

The simple act of bringing in rich shades and pairing them with wood bits will instantly make any space feel new and put together. It’s all about creating a contrasting and going for it.

Thanksgiving is during the fall; therefore, it only feels right to bring a rustic touch. Adding a rustic appeal will instantly make any room feel warm. Dress up small trees and have them become your main focus with hints of fall colors. Work with orange, red, green, and brown for classic bits that will enhance the fall touch you’re trying to display. Furthermore, provide a chic approach towards it but display only items that having that warming aesthetic.

Cool Tones

Cool tones are coming in hot and we’re obsessed consider the idea of taking your thanksgiving decor to the next level by making your cool tone bits the main focus.

Though the Fall time calls for the use of warm tones, this idea is all about working with cool shades and having them as the main focus paired with rustic statement pieces. Cool shades such as jade and richer blues work best when they’re displayed with hues of bronze, brown, and even black. It’s all about having a traditional display with hints of cool shades that make everything feel twice and enchanting and endearing.

Simple yet Elegant

Going elegant doesn’t mean you don’t get the most out of the room, it simply means your table will be twice as charming

For a minimal showcase that doesn’t involve too much décor but will make the room feel grand and new, work with shades of neutral and work them with fresh hints of eucalyptus, or even water hyacinth. The appeal of both will instantly make a room feel new and fresh. It’s almost as if your display will come to life instantly thanks to that. Work with textures to further enhance the idea of a simple touch.

How’s your thanksgiving looking this year? Share with us your ideas and what is making your holiday season feel put together.




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