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Prefab Cottage “Crib” is fully recyclable and sustainable

This cottage home dubbed “The Crib” was designed with eco sustainable responsibility in mind. The 2011 Custom Home Design Award winning project by Broadhurst Architects may be small, but there’s lots to this little design.

The prefab cottage was inspired by (and named after) traditional American corn cribs, used to store dry corn on farms and protect it from rodents. And in much the same way as the corn shelters, this raised house puts the occupants high above ground level, out of reach of the undesirables, surrounded by treetops with the upper hand when it comes to views.
This cottage comes in two small but sweet models – the basic, boasting 125 sq. ft. of enclosed space with a 125 sq. ft. deck, and the full model of 250 sq. ft. with a 125 sq. ft. deck. The “log cabin” aesthetic has a wonderful rustic style that makes this compact home the perfect cottage getaway at the lake. Or, create cozy accommodations for visitors with a guest house, easily added to the backyard of your existing home. Or, when you can’t seem to drag yourself away from work, you may as well do it in style in a private, separate home office space.
The space features a rolling glass garage door facade, which can be raised up and out of the way to open the home to the great outdoors, whether fronting a lovely lake, the forest, your garden or anywhere you choose! When you grow tired of the location or life leads you away from home, this cottage can easily be packed up and reassembled in a new location.
More on the eco agenda… This sustainable home features a compact, efficient footprint, and is prefabricated using recyclable materials like steel, aluminum, fiberglass and polycarbonate, for minimal site disturbance. In fact, this entire structure is recyclable. The home is heated using efficient propane and electric radiant floor heating. Cooling comes via a ceiling fan. Efficient LED and CFL light sources illuminate the interiors, which though humble, offer everything you’d need for comfort and convenience. Up the eco ante by outfitting this prefab cottage with roof mounted solar panels and solar hot water.
Broadhurst Architects, The Crib
via Design Milk


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