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Pool Terrace with Sunken Bar is Not the Only Architectural Wonder of This House

What a house! And the pool terrace with the sunken bar is just the beginning. This house is full of architectural wonders. The concrete house, in Brissago, Switzerland was the brain child of Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architects. Ready for a little vacation in the Swiss Alps? Drive right into the two-car port, and enter from the roof. That’s different right off the bat. And you walk into the interior courtyard first. The intricate courtyard has natural stone, two olive trees and a soothing fountain. There are four levels in this cement fortress that almost hangs over the lake. Isn’t that room with the fireplace just gorgeous? And be sure to check out that cell-like bedroom, it’s wall to wall bed! I bet you’d get a good night’s sleep down there – the bedrooms are on the lower floors along with the fitness room and sauna. But the rooms all have good light, being built on the side of the slope. And you have a choice for descending into the bottom levels – elevator or stairs. But to be honest, we think we’ll spend all of our time in the rooms with the ceiling-to-floor glass walls overlooking the glorious Lake Maggiore … or at the pool terrace with a sunken bar down below.

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