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This Compact Prefab is Made from Polycarbonate Allowing the Light In Through Walls

Dubbed the Kite House, this prefabricated weekend getaway cabin was designed by Brussels-based D44 Architecture firm, led by Agnieskzka Gansiniec. The versatile design can suit many different landscapes, ranging from mountains to seaside. The most interesting and unusual feature is of course the fact that it’s fabricated predominately with polycarbonate. Architectural polycarbonate is a tough material. As a polymer, it can be molded and thermoformed, but most importantly, it can be made optically transparent. And so the beauty of the Kite House is that it allows its compact interior to be illuminated with natural light. On the ground level, there are kitchen, wood stove and foyer. A small loft upstairs offers enough room for a bed or living area. Another really cool feature is a large, hinged sunroof that opens this weekend getaway house to outdoors, letting you enjoy the sound of the sea or hear the birds singing.

Via Designboom


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