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Plane House in Greece offers a Plainly Awesome Indoor-Outdoor Lifestyle


Located on Skaithos Island in Greece, K Studio designed and created the Plane House to take advantage of the sloped site, the ocean views, and the outdoor lifestyle the island is well known for – all while respecting the surrounding landscape. The merging of the indoor and outdoor spaces was accomplished with the use of large expanses of windows and movable walls. When the walls and windows are open, the north winds that float up the hill and past the pool enter and cool the home. This means that not only does the pool offer a magnificent 270-degree coastline view from its infinity edge, but it also acts as a temperature regulator to the interior spaces. The pool is heated by Photovoltaic panels which also operate the grey-water and fire sprinkler systems.


On the far side of the pool there is a short drop to a lower deck that is accessible by stairs. Here, the deck respects a preexisting tree by wrapping around it with enough space to allow the trunk to thicken with age. Almost as a thank you, the tree offers shade to the home and creates a cozy place to sit and enjoy the spectacular views through the tempered glass rail system.


The tree is surrounded by white pebbles that help to keep the moisture around its roots. The opening in the roof allows the tree to stretch upward allowing the sunlight to pass through its foliage to the deck below creating interesting shadow patterns that constantly change through the course of a day.


At night a spotlight hidden in the white pebbles shines up into the foliage of the tree.


The outdoor living space just beyond the tree and is actually a solarium that can be closed off when the weather is less then perfect. This zone offers some additional surprising features. In this set up there is a small conversation area of 3 chairs and just beyond that is a lounge area in front of a wall mounted TV.


The wall that holds the TV is on a track that can be moved to open up the solarium to the interior of the home. Here the wall has been moved to the far side of the solarium.


If there is too much glare from the sun on that side, the wall can be slid around to the other side creating a separation to the small conversation area.


And of course if there is nothing on the TV it doesn’t really matter because the panoramic views of the ocean are enough to entertain anyone for hours at a time.


A short flight of stairs leads from the solarium up into the dining area of the home.


The flight of stairs is comprised of stacked stone that continues up the wall of the hallway. The floor of the hall is the same material but a larger stone. Just past the indoor dining area is the all white kitchen.


There is also an outdoor dining area just outside the indoor zone. It is accessible from the solarium by the short flight of stairs next to the pool. These steps are clad in the same decking as the terrace and are designed to be a series of platforms, each one lower then the previous. Next to the outdoor dining area are two bedrooms, each facing out to the pool and the views and each with glass walls that open up for a true outdoor experience.


The outdoor dining area has an organic shade cover over the table that acts as both visual intrigue and acoustical dampening. The wood decking and stacked stone façade behind the table continues the natural materials while the table and chairs offer the modern nod to the all white kitchen.


The bedrooms are set back from the stacked stone wall just enough for privacy but not too far to hinder the panoramic ocean view. Large floor to ceiling doors offer easy access to the deck and a quick dip in the pool.


Just off of the Master Bedroom is the ensuite. Here a supersized freestanding round tub perches on a rug of white pebbles. A headrest in the tub offers a comfortable and relaxing angle to enjoy the views through the large window.


At night the terrace outside the bedrooms has lights embedded into the decking so if midnight swim is in the cards it is easy traversing.


After a midnight swim the solarium offers a place to relax and enjoy the stars before heading back to bed.
K Studio


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