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Patio Furniture from Kettal – new Lobby Armchair

Kettal presents the Lobby armchair in the Kettal XXL patio furniture collection. The Lobby patio chair concept arose from the need to create a product which is essentially XXL to meet a very clearly specified demand. It is made of two parts; the armchair and the footstool. The footstool is the result of linear and visual continuity of the armchair’s form and thus provides the unit with maximum comfort. Swivel armchairs with automatic return system. The Kettal XXL patio furniture collection in aluminium and natural fibre is available in a natural finish and in brown. These can be combined with over 15 top-quality fabrics in keeping with the latest trends, available in a range of colors, 16 different porotex fabrics and 15 colors for the frame. Kettal


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