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Passive Solar Stone House, A Beachfront Dream!

This passive solar stone house is a dream for architecture- and enviro-lovers alike! Designed by Foster Bernal Arquitectos, this beachfront home is ideally located, perched atop a 180-ft. cliff overlooking the sparkling Pacific Ocean. This out-of-the Chile villa maximizes a less-is-more philosophy, complete with photovoltaic panels, a wind turbine, a gravity-fed well, and passive heating and cooling strategies, showcasing sustainability as its trendiest feature. The home is constructed using local stone and wood, and clearly embraces all things native – including the breathtaking beach view, enjoyed from this hillside home’s staggered outdoor decks and patios. Style and sustainability – this home has it all! Foster Bernal Arquitectos
via Dwell
photo credit: Crisobal Palma
passive solar stone house 1 Passive Solar Stone House, A Beachfront Dream!
passive solar stone house 2 Passive Solar Stone House, A Beachfront Dream!




One thought on “Passive Solar Stone House, A Beachfront Dream!

  1. I was there once, at a hotel south of Lima, on the Coast. (I went swimming in the Ocean and almost drowned, very dangerous rips there) It’s almost on the Equator, not cold at all so I’m not surprised they can heat and cool with this passive design. The Trombe wall is classic, but I wonder why it’s not insulated on the North side, and how far is it from the glass?

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