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Oversized Roof House Designed for Entertaining

white home for two families with indoor outdoor downstairs 1 front thumb 630x474 28383 Oversized Roof House Designed for Entertaining

Built by Giovanni Moreno Arquitectos in the tourist city of Girardot, Colombia, this contemporary dwelling meets the needs and desires of two families wishing to share it. With a striking asymmetrical profile created by the line flowing from a staircase to the roof’s edge, the boundaries between outdoor and indoors are often blurred through the use of sliding glass walls and exterior transit spaces. All the social space of the unique house is situated on the ground floor, with an outdoor patio dominated by a pool that spans almost the entire length of the residence rising above it. Next to the pool is an open living room and dining area, perfect for entertaining a large number of guests or simply enjoying the company of close family and friends. The private bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs each have their own slide-away window walls, positioned in a row along the facade of the dwelling. The personality of each room is defined by the details of its decor, giving a clean white slate for each individual occupant to build on.

white home for two families with indoor outdoor downstairs 2 roof angle thumb 630x420 28385 Oversized Roof House Designed for Entertaining

The roof of the home starts parallel with the outside deck at one end of the building, but slowly extends both outward and upward to make a long trapezoid that looms over the rectangular upper-floor layout.


The house is arranged in two major sections, with public spaces for relaxation and recreation downstairs and more private rooms upstairs. With plenty of outdoor amenities, many of these rooms are principally meant to be accessed from outside. The bedrooms, for example, all have doorways out onto the upstairs deck, and the deck itself has a staircase that leads down to the pool and living areas.


Both the exterior and interior of the house are finished almost entirely in white, with black and grey accents to provide contrast. This downstairs living room and kitchen combo, set just off the pool area, has glass window walls which slide away to completely open the room to its surrounding environment.


Each bedroom is spacious and bright, with tall ceilings and the same sliding glass walls as the living room below. The closet space in each room is defined by doorless walls that aren’t quite ceiling height, integrating storage instead of separating it.


To keep the rooms as bright at night as they are during the day, dozens or even hundreds or bright in-ceiling bulbs are used throughout the residence. The kids bedrooms have their own stylish couch assembly across from the beds.


The home’s bathrooms exemplify the clean white style of the whole house, and their built-in shelves make for an extremely minimal, uncluttered design.


Giovanni Moreno Arquitectos