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Outdoor Summer Decor: Beautifying Your Space

Outdoor summer decor encompasses many different areas and ideas. It can include the landscaping, gardens, and surrounding areas, buildings and patios, furniture, accessories and more.


There are a variety of options when it comes to seating arrangements, outdoors. You can buy pre-built, premade furniture or you can build your own. Up-cycling and recycling materials can make DIY projects such as this an inexpensive alternative to buying new products.

Pincnic Table to Bench

These pair of benches fold into a picnic table for dual purposes and can be painted to match or contrast your outdoor summer decor.


Perennials are a category of plants that live for years and mostly grow little buds that bloom into roses of different colors. Perennials grow through different seasons of the year; it depends on the type of the plant. Some could be just inches high and others grow up to 2-3 feet.

Pink and White Petunia Flower Bed with Rock Retaining Wall

These white and pink petunias are surrounded by a curved stone wall for a finished look that adds beauty to this manicured lawn.

Pink Astilbe

Pink Astilbe provide beautiful blooms and leafy foliage.

Pool Side Entertaining

Cushioned lounge chairs sit next to this custom designed pool with stonework surround.

Purple Coneflower

Pink Coneflowers are another hearty perennial.

Purpleleaved BeardTongue

Purpleleaved Beardtongues add an exotic appearance to any landscape or outdoor living space.

Raised Garden Bed Bench

This durable wooden bench provides seating and containers for flowers; as well.

Screened Gazebo

A screened-in gazebo is the perfect getaway: a place to visit with friends, entertain or just read a book.


Outdoor lighting can take many forms: solar, fuel based lamps, commercial lighting, candles, or a fire pit.

Seashell Votives lit

These blue mason jars adorned with seashells, make simple yet elegant luminaries for summer.

Small Patio with Varied Textures

Outdoor summer decor can be in any sized space, including your front or back porch. This porch features a couple of chairs for seating, some plants, candles and lighting fixtures: maximizing the use of this in-town space.

Solar Chandelier

For a fun look you can up-cycle an old chandelier and replace the bulbs with solar lanterns for a cute and economical lighting option.


This stone staircase with space for flowers and foliage on either side of the steps leading up the grade of this property add architectural interest and beautify the space in summer.

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A variety of string lights add color, fashion, and flare to your outdoor summer decor.

Tabletop Terra Cotta Smores Maker

A Terra Cotta pot filled with charcoal can provide you and your guests with a place specifically for making s’mores.

Terra Cotta Pot Lighthouse

This lighthouse made out of Terra Cotta pots stacked one on top of another, painted red and white, topped off with a solar lamp make for fun DIY summer or coastal themed decor.

Threadleaf Tickseed

Threadleaf Tickseed flowers grow in clusters and are easy to maintain.

Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs are made with a variety of materials and colors. Some fold or recline.

Angel of Patience Garden Statue

Statuary can also come in a variety of materials and subject matter. Statues can welcome guests or add sophistication and class to your outdoor living space.


Bird baths complement the landscape and even provide outdoor summer decor for your feathered friends to get a drink or bathe.

Black Eyed Susans

Black Eyed Susans are another hearty perennial.

Blue Perennial Sage

Blue perennial sage multiplies and expands over time. It adds height, color, and texture to your summer landscape.Cedar PergolaThis cedar pergola provides a little shade; but, mostly brings a form to your seating area where you can enjoy company or entertain guests.

Container Gardening

Container gardening can add to your outdoor summer decor and provide you with vegetables, fruits, flowers or herbs.

DIY Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

These DIY wine bottle tiki torches are great for keeping the bugs at bay, provide some light, while adding decorative interest.

Fiberglass Deer Statues

These deer statues are made of fiberglass and can make for serene lawn ornaments.

Fire Pit

No summer outdoor space is complete without a fire pit or fireplace! This one in particular is made of rounded bricks.

Flowers with Tree

Plant a perennial flower garden bed around a tree in your yard, edged with paving bricks.

Hammock with Hammock Stand

Relax or take a nap in a hammock. Pictured is a more traditional hammock. Others are made out of solid fabrics.

Homemade Butterfly Feeder

Add a festive, colorful touch to your summer decor by adding these DIY hummingbirds feeders.

Illuminated Flower Planters

Illuminated flower pots provide lighting in your yard and walkway and are pretty; as well.

Liquid Propane Gas Patio Heater

A liquid propane gas patio heater can help take the chill off of cool summer nights.

Log Lounger

Lounge chairs can even be made out of natural materials and have a contemporary look like this lounger made out of birch logs.

Mini Greenhouse

A mini greenhouse can add to the value of your home, provide a place for growing vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs while minimizing bugs and contaminants.Mini Spa

The whirlpool tub with jets, curtains, and massage tables turn this patio into a spa.

Movie Night

Simulated wicker furniture surrounding this large projector screen turn your summer decor into entertaining with movie night.

Murphy Bar

This murphy-style bar with metal bar stools and indoor/outdoor carpet create a fun place to entertain.

Outdoor Cushions and Pillows

Add overstuffed pillows and cushions to your outdoor summer decor for extra color and comfort.

Filename: CBN-D1013_28.psd

An outdoor shower can be perfect on a hot day, to rinse before or after going for a swim or doing yard work or just because.

Outdoor Storage Bench

This outdoor storage bench can double as a coffee table or seating area.

Summer Decor

Decorate your outdoor space and make it your own as you see fit. Let your personality shine through and have fun. Whether your style is whimsical, rustic, modern, original or a mixture of styles outdoor decor should be functional, fun or at the very least complement your home. Sometimes decor can even raise the value of your home.


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