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Outdoor Lighting Ideas from Antonangeli

Illuminate the outdoors with these lighting ideas from Antonangeli. A private courtyard or garden can take on an air of intimacy and beauty with the right lighting and furniture. It’s so unusual to see a lamp with a traditional shade outdoors – but these resin glass shades are made to withstand the weather. Here, the glowing Miami standing lamp is the centre of attention – perhaps angled over a smart-looking table so you can read or enjoy a meal with your family. Or, line a path with a row of the standing lamps to welcome and guide your guests. Simply add some casual, yet classy chairs to complete the look. The chairs shown here combine a certain elegance with an open, criss-cross construction – a look which complements the refinement the Miami light can add outside. Create a cosy environment just like your living room with Antonangeli modern lighting inspiration!



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