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Opposites Attract in the Chic, Ultra-Modern Sueberkrop/Blakemore Home

As if its location wasn’t enough of an attraction, this spectacular, angular abode hanging over Tomales Bay on California’s Point Reyes National Seashore takes from geometry, art and architecture, and rolls them into a unique, ultra-modern home that is the envy of neighbors and passersby. The site adds a unique character to the design by virtue of its steep slope and surrounding forest. From one angle, this modern home resembles a rural wood cabin, finished in rustic, warm woods with exposed beams. From another angle, this home appears as a contemporary urban residence with a sleek facade of industrial-looking steel and glass. The large windows are the focal point the sophisticated yet comfortable interiors, lending yet another facet to the home’s multi-dimensional style. Outside, a drop-down deck with a secluded garden is a favorite on balmy evenings. Studios Architecture
via Contemporist
sueberkrop blakemore residence 1 Opposites Attract in the Chic, Ultra Modern Sueberkrop/Blakemore Home
sueberkrop blakemore residence 2 Opposites Attract in the Chic, Ultra Modern Sueberkrop/Blakemore Home




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