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Open Kristallux Moody Aquarium Sink – Fish or Zen?

[KBIS 2005 – Italian interior design trends]
Moody was created to define the mood in your bathroom. You can choose Moody to be an aquarium with gold fish or a terrarium with rocks and plants or a Zen garden with sand or a simple pebble river bed. Moody is not just a washbasin with a built-in aquarium but a beautiful concept that will transform your bathroom to whatever you would like it to be. The sink glass top can be lifted easily to maintain the aquarium or re-arrange your Zen design. There are openings on both sides of the sink covered by the soap holders that provide access for fish feeding. Lighting, water circulation, oxygenation and filtration is maintained by a power circuit. The chrome finish brass stand and convenient front towel rail are supplied. Just buy the fish… Manufactured by Open Kristallux in Italy. In the US, distributed by Italbrass. Priced from $4495.

Open Kristallux (Italbrass) Giardino Zen Sink


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