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Nordic Fishing Cabin cum Contemporary Family Home

While Nordic architecture firm Norm Architecture is known for its contemporary, clean designs, it’s the collaboration between homeowner Peter Ostergaard, and best friend, photographer and architect Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen that transformed this former fisherman’s cottage into a modern dream home design just outside of Copenhagen, Denmark. Created for a family of four, the house meets their needs for function while bringing fashion and unique features to the forefront.

Drenched in white, interiors are splashed with architectural details that add character without visual clutter. The first thing that we love about this house is the unusual spiral staircase, which looks to be built right into the floor and ceiling, becoming a part of the structure rather than just an afterthought. In front of the staircase, a glass and steel door was embedded into the floor, adding a quirky element to the space that opens to reveal a staircase leading down into the depths of the house to an underground wine cellar. Cheers to that!
On the home’s main level, large windows and the white palette create a light filled space where walls, ceilings and floors seem to recede into each other, resulting in wide open spaces that appear much larger than their 1,260 sq. ft. Raised doorways and peek-a-boo interior windows add an element of interest to these minimalist interiors. Weathered wood furniture and sheepskins strewn about add instant warmth to the cool aesthetic.
The winding staircase leads to the intimate bedrooms on the upper level, where the white palette and cozy aesthetic are a continuation of the social spaces below.
Norm Architecture
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