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New THG Paris Beluga contemporary faucet line

thg beluga cross handle tub filler New THG Paris Beluga contemporary faucet line
Strong complex geometry brings character to the new THG Paris Beluga faucet line. Bold luxury bathroom fixtures, the Beluga contemporary faucet range features strong lines and rectilinear spouts. Their accentuating feature, however, is the smooth transformation from cylindrical into rectangular. Like a carved rod, the Beluga faucets flair downwards to meet their square plinths. A faucet of harsh perpendicular lines, the cylindrical base is only mirrored in the nozzle and gentle curve of the spout. Available with simple lever or blocky cross handles, the Beluga range from THG Paris is also offered as wall-mounted fixture.

Beluga Cross-handle Wall-Mount Basin Faucet
thg beluga cross handle wall mount bath faucet New THG Paris Beluga contemporary faucet line
Beluga Tub Filler



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