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New Price Pfister kitchen faucet – the Hanover traditional pull-down faucet with Anti-Splash Spray Volume Control

price pfister kitchen faucet hanover New Price Pfister kitchen faucet   the Hanover traditional pull down faucet with Anti Splash Spray Volume Control
An innovative Price Pfister kitchen faucet will provide a conversation piece for your modern kitchen. The Hanover pull-down faucet combines innovation and style to produce a unique fixture that will improve the looks and functionality of your kitchen. This traditional kitchen faucet is elegant and refined, with simple, yet effective detailing. It features an Anti-Splash Spray Volume Control to keep the surroundings clean and dry during use. It also has a convenient button that allows you to easily toggle between spray and stream modes. This faucet is available with a separate or integrated handle option to accommodate various installation methods, and comes complete with a matching soap dispenser. Pricing starts around $400. Available at Price Pfister.



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