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New Melting Chic bathroom line from Rapsel – European bathroom design

The Melting Chic bathroom line combines Eastern influences with European design. Designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, the Melting Chic line uses the woods natural grain to give a swirling organic motive. Made of a rich ruddy rosewood, each level of drawers are faced with a single piece of wood, allowing the natural grain to seamlessly face the unit. The tall cabinet features a wrap around door, allowing wide access when opened. The door breaks the normal cabinet shape, and the resulting feel is less secretive, that there are no hidden corners. The complimenting European design mirrors are a collage of smaller mirrors, tying the rectangular cabinet shapes into a fantastic graphic element. Compatible with all the Rapsel sinks, this bathroom line can bring modern simplicity while still accommodating personal style. Rapsel offer the Melting Chic bathroom starting at 9,000 Euro or US$ 11,880.



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