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New from Elmira – 1898 French Door Refrigerator (Vintage style)

[KBIS 2005 Previews]
Want to bring back warm memories? How far back are you willing to go? 1950 or 1850? Elmira Stove Works has the stuff that will make your heart tremble. At Elmira, you get 21st century kitchen appliances looking like the 1898 French Door Refrigerator or like the funky range from the 1950’s. And you won’t have to sacrifice convenience or performance for the look… all their products are state-of-the-art. We love the Northstar ranges, refrigerators and range hoods that come in nine cool retro colors. And they are detailed… no less than your Harley. Polish them with a soft cloth and window cleaner to avoid scratches on enamel finishes. See more from Elmira…
Elmira Stove Works, 519-669-1281


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