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New Oval Bathtub from Kaldewei – Ellipso Duo Oval Demands to be Touched

Kaldewei bathtub Ellipso Duo Oval
This sensual oval bathtub from Kaldewei makes fantastic use of the self-supporting panelling seen on other Kaldewei products for a totally uniform and flowing finish. Ellipso Duo Oval bathtub boasts panelling designed by the Phoenix design studio that runs smoothly over the free-standing steel enamel bath for a look that defies gravity. At a sizable 190 x 100 centimetres, the bath is ideal for those who love to share their bathing experience with a partner… two attractive backrests will accommodate you both in comfort. And with anti-slip enamel finish the Ellipso Duo Oval is perfect for use with a young family too. The bathtub is bound to attract attention as you may position it anywhere is a room – how about the middle for maximum impact? Contact Kaldewei to find out more about this lovely bathtub.
Kaldewei bathtub Ellipso Duo Oval in a bathroom setting


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